How long do hamburger buns last and how to store them?

How long do hamburger buns last?

Burger buns keep up to 5 days if stored at room temperature wrapped or in an airtight container. If you need them to last longer or want the best quality possible, freeze the hamburger buns when they are fresh.

The optimum shelf life for homemade hamburger buns varies depending on who you ask.

Some food bloggers recommend using theirs in as little as 24 hours, but most agree that hamburger buns should be good for days. About 5 days seems to be the sweet spot.

Of course, the longer the rolls sit on the counter, the worse their overall quality will be, so it’s best to use them fresh or freeze them. Also, if they are exposed to water or mold along the way, they are likely to grow mold.

As you can tell, hamburger buns don’t last as long as bread, but they maintain quality significantly longer than a regular baguette.

Now, what about those store-bought pre-packaged hamburger buns that come with the date?

freshly baked hamburger buns 2

After the expiration date

Store-bought hamburger buns typically keep 3-5 days beyond the expiration date listed on the label.

That being said, the longer you store the rolls, the more chance there is of mold, so trying to get an extra day or two out of them is a bad idea. Instead, freeze them when they’re fresh and reheat them when you need them.

And don’t assume they’ll still be mold-free until the date printed on the label, because that’s not always the case. I’ve grown mold on a package or two a couple of days before the expiration date (see photo in spoilage section), and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

(Yet another reason to freeze them if you need them to last more than a few days.)

Next, let’s talk about storage conditions.

expiration date on hamburger buns

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