How long do cinnamon rolls last and how to store them

Have you bought or baked too many cinnamon rolls? So you’re probably wondering how to store cinnamon rolls and how long they keep.

Or maybe you’re thinking of buying more at your favorite bakery, so you can enjoy them a couple of days later. But you’re not sure how long they last.

Maybe you’ve even thought about freezing your leftover cinnamon rolls, but you’re not sure how that can turn out.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, this article is for you. In it we are going to talk about storage, the duration of cinnamon rolls and how to throw away old cinnamon rolls.

Interested? Let’s dive in.

The information in this article applies to both store-bought and homemade cinnamon rolls. We’ve got you covered whether you’re an aspiring baker or buy yours from a local bakery (just like us mere mortals).
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How long do cinnamon rolls last?

Cinnamon rolls keep quality 1-2 days on the counter and 4-5 days in the fridge. If you need more time, freezing is also an option.

Cinnamon rolls don’t keep as long, especially if you leave them out at room temperature and don’t seal them tightly.

We’re talking about cinnamon rolls keeping good for X days, not going bad after that period. In many cases, they will still be safe to eat a few days later, but the quality may not be the best.

If you know up front that some of your rolls will need to sit for a couple of days before you get to them, you have two options.

Cinnamon bun and coffee

The drawback is that you have to eat them within those 4-5 days to enjoy the best possible quality. And that they take up space in your fridge, which can be a scarce resource (at least for me).

The other option is to freeze them, and that is what I recommend.

Once the cinnamon rolls are in the freezer, you don’t have to worry about them losing quality or remembering to eat them in a couple of days.

Do what best suits the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Counter Fridge Freezer
Cinnamon rolls 12 days 4 – 5 days 1+ month

Please note that these periods are estimates only.

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How to store cinnamon rolls

You can store the cinnamon rolls on the counter or in the fridge. To keep them from drying out, store them in a freezer bag or an airtight container.

An airtight seal is practically a must if you store your cinnamon buns in the fridge. Otherwise, they will dry out and go stale rather quickly. Also, they might pick up some odors, which can easily ruin the experience of eating them.

If you are baking the cinnamon buns yourself, start by letting them cool once you take them out of the oven. This will release extra moisture and you won’t end up with soggy cinnamon buns.

If your cinnamon buns are on the counter, at least make sure they’re covered so they don’t collect dust. A paper bag that you put them in is also enough if you roll up the top.

An airtight bag is a nice touch, but it won’t make much of a difference if you’re going to eat them the same day.

Let’s talk about the third option to preserve cinnamon rolls: freezing.

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How to freeze cinnamon rolls

Freezing cinnamon rolls is a two-step process. First, you divide the rolls into portions, then you wrap each of them and freeze them.

Here’s how to freeze cinnamon buns:

  1. decide the portions. We’re going to freeze each serving individually and thaw it all at once. If you have no idea how many rolls you’ll need at a time, you can treat each one as a separate serving. Otherwise, go for 2-3 rolls per serving or whatever makes sense for you or your family.
  2. Wrap each serving individually. If you’re freezing the rolls for a limited amount of time, like a couple of weeks or so, just put them in a freezer bag. Otherwise, wrap them in food paper and then put them in the bag. A double wrap helps them maintain their quality for longer. Squeeze out the air before sealing the freezer bag. Whether you wrap once or twice, be careful not to get the frosting all over the place.
  3. (Optional) Place the bags in an airtight container. If you’re worried about your cinnamon buns getting squashed in the freezer before they’re frozen, put them in a container.
  4. Freeze. If you want, label the bag with the name and date.

Two cinnamon buns in a freezer bag

This way, you can keep leftover cinnamon rolls in the freezer for at least a couple of months.

When defrosting, do it on the counter. After about an hour (depending on the size), the cinnamon rolls should be done. You can heat them later in the oven (covered) if you prefer them hot.

You can also quickly defrost them in the microwave. Put a small amount of butter on each roll (so they don’t dry out completely), and microwave them in 20-30 second increments until they’re hot enough to your liking.

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