Can you freeze zucchini bread?

Here is a short guide to freezing zucchini bread. Learn what to expect, how to go through the process, and how you should defrost it.

He baked a loaf of zucchini bread and considered freezing half of it, but he’s not sure how that will work. Can you freeze zucchini bread?

the short answer

Zucchini bread freezes well. For short-term freezing, seal tightly in a freezer bag. If it needs more than a few weeks of freezing time, wrap it with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and place it in a freezer bag.

That is the shortest answer I can give.

Now, if you’re interested in the details, here’s what we cover next:

  • more information on how freezing affects zucchini bread
  • Freeze zucchini bread step by step
  • how to defrost
  • whether freezing zucchini bread dough is an option

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frozen zucchini bread

Does zucchini bread freeze well?

Zucchini bread freezes well and is a great option if you made too much or are considering doubling the recipe to have something for later. Or if a single loaf is too much for you.

But you don’t have to take it from me.

If you check the recipes online, they all agree too. Here are some recipe bloggers who mention in their articles that you can freeze zucchini bread:

(When I took photos for this article, I used John’s recipe but cut the sugar in half. Still turned out great.)

Obviously, fresh zucchini bread tastes a bit better than frozen and thawed bread, but the difference is barely noticeable. Also, zucchini bread only lasts a couple of days.

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So if you’ve been on the fence about freezing your zucchini bread, you should now be convinced that it’s a good choice.

With that out of the way, let’s cover how to go all out.

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slice of zucchini bread

How to freeze zucchini bread

This is how zucchini bread is frozen:

  1. Let it cool completely. An hour on the counter and another hour in the fridge is enough in most cases. If it’s a large loaf, you may need more time.
  2. Portion if needed. Now is the time to cut the zucchini bread in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Go with the amount that you will use in a day or so. If you know ahead of time that you’re going to freeze the baked good, consider baking small loaves that you don’t have to portion into freezer portions.
  3. Wrap. If you expect to thaw and eat the bread within a couple of weeks at most, a single layer of protection (for example, plastic wrap, freezer wrap, aluminum foil, or freezer bag) should suffice. For longer storage times, consider double-wrapping each serving. Use something that wraps well as the first layer (wrap or foil) and then transfer the wrapped portion to a freezer bag. Label each with the name and date if you like.
  4. Freeze portions.
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Zucchini bread wrapped and ready to freeze

That’s all. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and requires just a couple of kitchen essentials, like freezer bags and maybe aluminum foil (or an alternative).

Keep in mind that freezing sliced ​​zucchini bread doesn’t work unless you wrap each slice individually. This treat is (usually) quite moist, so if the slices don’t separate correctly, they’ll freeze together and you won’t be able to grab one or two without defrosting the whole thing.

(That trick works great for freezing regular bread and frozen baguettes but not zucchini bread, unfortunately.)

How long can zucchini bread be frozen?

While zucchini bread stays freezer safe indefinitely, it gradually loses quality. So it’s best to finish the bread within 2-3 weeks if single wrapped and 3 months if double wrapped.

Of course, if the baked good stays in the freezer longer than recommended, it will still taste quite good. But at some point, you may notice that the quality isn’t quite what it used to be.

Long story short, the sooner you do it, the better.

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Frozen Zucchini Bread Prep: Aluminum Foil and a Freezer Bag

How to defrost zucchini bread

Thaw your frozen zucchini bread in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure it’s covered so it doesn’t dry out or absorb any odors from the refrigerator.

But before you transfer the frozen zucchini bread to the fridge, unwrap it if you used any wrap or aluminum foil. If you leave it wrapped it will trap all the moisture and you will likely end up with a damp foundation.

Also, if your zucchini bread is quite wet (most recipes are) or there is a noticeable amount of frost on the surface, place a paper towel underneath. It will absorb excess moisture, making sure the bottom is not wet.

(I recommend using a paper towel when thawing frozen bread pudding, too.)

This is what a defrost setup would look like:

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Defrost zucchini bread with a paper towel

I don’t have a good photo, but trust me, the towel did absorb some moisture and I’m glad I used it.

Finally, feel free to toast the slices before serving if that’s your thing.

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Thawed Zucchini Bread

Can zucchini bread dough be frozen?

Let’s say you doubled your recipe and made the dough. And now you’re wondering if it makes more sense to bake two loaves and freeze one or bake one and freeze the rest of the dough for later.

If that’s the case, it’s probably best to bake two loaves and freeze one of them. This way you load the job up front and all that’s left is to unfreeze the second when needed. Also, you can be sure that the quality of both breads will be the same.

That said, it doesn’t mean you can’t freeze the dough.

You can freeze the zucchini bread dough, but for the most consistent results, you should prepare the dough without baking powder or baking soda and mix them only after the dough is thawed.

That is the suggested approach because leavening agents lose potency over time. Also, it’s hard to know how frostbite will affect them.

(Read my articles on Baking Powder and Baking Soda for more on potency.)

In other words, the longer zucchini bread dough sits in the freezer, the less chance the bread will rise like it’s supposed to. Or how well the treat will turn out.

Of course, if you make the dough today, freeze it, and bake the bread two weeks from now, it will most likely be perfect. But the longer you wait, the less likely that scenario is to come to pass.

And that’s why you put off adding any leavening agent until you’re ready to bake that bread.

How to Freeze and Thaw Zucchini Bread Dough

Freeze the dough in a freezer container or bag. If you go for the latter, consider freezing the dough so you can stack other items on top and thaw it fairly quickly.

Speaking of thawing, thaw the zucchini bread dough in the fridge with whatever you used to freeze it.

The time the dough needs to defrost is usually between 8 and 24 hours. It all depends on its shape, which is why I recommend freezing it flat. Be sure to start the process early so you have enough time for it to finish.

Once the dough is thawed (you can mix it with a spoon), leave it for an hour on the counter to warm up a bit before baking. Finally, mix the amount of baking soda and powder your recipe calls for, and bake the bread following the instructions.

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